Busting at the seams!

Holy soaps! Did I mention in my last post how much I LOVE my new soap molds?  Love, love, love, love, love!  (In case I didn’t)  I HAVE to share my pic of my fresh cut Rosemary~Lavender~with a hint of Lemon!  I still need to design a label for this bar!  But soaps done! YES!



“Loaf” before cutting


Look at the size of these bars! My label say 4 oz but these babies weighed in at 4.9! Of course with curing it will lose a little but should still end up around 4.5!


Love, love, love!


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Whoo hoo! Santa Came Early!

Whoo hoo!  I was so excited to come home yesterday and see the Fed-Ex package on my doorstep!  (Santa’s reindeer work for Fed-Ex you know…) Inside this package was my NEW custom made soap molds!  I got 2 – 18 bar molds and a third mold with slots cut in it to slip my cutter into to make straighter bars!  I must have been good this year!  I had been using homemade wooden molds, they work wonderfully, but the cutting par was a bit challenging.  Someone had told me to use guitar string, I’ve been making soap for a couple of years now and I JUST figured out the guitar string is inserted into a block and the soap should slip through it to be cut.  Too much work for me!  I’d still find a way to mess it up!  I’ve been using a dry wall knife. Now, since I’ve been soooooo good, I’ve got the mold with slots AND a brand-spanking new SOAP cutter!

I was anxious to use my mold today.  I didn’t have any particular soap in mind to make.  I created my first blended batch.  Rosemary~Lavender with a hint of Lemon essential oils and lavender petals sprinkled on top of the loaf.  My house smells awesome!  I can not wait until tomorrow to pop that baby out of the mold and cut my bars!  Now I plan to get creative!  Here it is!

You will have to check out my facebook page, I will post photos of the soaps after cutting! I totally make these available for purchase!

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Curried Shrimp With Broccoli and Mushroom!

Hi there!

I know some of you are waiting for me to post how I make this fiber rich, vitamin loaded dish!  It’s pretty easy!

First I sautee 1 whole package of sliced baby bella mushroom in butter.  Then add 1/2 – 3/4 pound of shrimp.  1 Tsp garlic powder and 1 T Curry (less if your not as big a fan as I)


Then I added some baby peppers, both red and yellow.  About 1/2 a cups worth.  Continue to sautee for a couple minutes.


Last but not least, toss in a whole broccoli crown, cut up, of course.  Put cover on so it can lightly steam broccoli.  When the broccoli turns bright green (just a few minutes) viola!  Done!


Serve up and enjoy!


Curried Broccoli & Mushroom

I was so craving mushrooms!  Not sure why since I’ve always disliked mushrooms!  So this is a very simple gluten free recipe I created…did I mention it’s VERY simple?

1 Fresh Broccoli Crown

1 Package Sliced Mushroom (Baby Bellas are the best!)

Butter or olive oil

2-3 T Curry Powder (depending on how much you like curry)

Sautee mushroom in butter or oil, when almost finished, add broccoli.  Cook with lid on until broccoli turns bright green, add curry, mix and viola!

Eat & enjoy your fresh dose of Vitamins A, B, K, D, potassium, niacin, and fiber!


Vegetarian Black bean soup! OMG Delish!

I’m trying to ease my way back into a lacto-ovo vegetarian lifestyle.  I stumbled upon this recipe at the vitamix.com web site.  It could easily be made using a food processor or blender as well.  I’m a big fan of black beans and thought this would hit the spot since it’s been a bit nippy outside lately.

…Black beans, Garbanzo beans, jalapeano, yellow and red peppers, onion, scallion, cumin, uh-oh, need to pick up garlic and vegetable stock… to be continued…

VERY easy to make and DELISH!  Also amazing used as a ‘dip.’   I will definitely have to make this again!


Natural Homemade Puppy Food – Great for fur!

I always make homemade, all natural food for my lil pups.  Their coats are amazingly soft, shiny, and dander free!  We actually have only had our second pup for two weeks.  When we first got her, her fur was a little coarse compared to our pup we’ve had for a year.  We did the switch-a-roo in her diet within a couple days of bringing her home and her fur is just like our other pups!

I like to make their food about every 5 days.  I switch up the proteins each time and incorporate different grains, all gluten free.  I use a good amount of mixed veggies in their food.  For snacks, I like to feed them raw foods.  They love bananas, blueberries, strawberries, carrots, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and cant get enough of their gluten free treats!  (We been experimenting, so far, peanut butter bacon treats rank #1)

Today’s food prep consisted of barley, lean ground beef, mixed veggies, seasoned with curry! Let’s call it “Curried beef-barley!”

I am compiling all of my yummy pup recipes to put together in a book.  My goal is to have it complete in the next 12 months!


So you wanna go gluten free?

Some people need to have gluten free diets because of gastro problems or allergies like celiac or chron’s disease.  Others choose to be gluten free as a way of life, such as my household.

Gluten is found in most commercials breads and baked goods.  It is sometimes found in condiments, such as, soy sauce, ketchup, and horseradish.  Sometimes canned fruit may contain gluten.

There are many alternatives to using wheat (gluten) flours in your recipes.  They can be tricky to work with sometimes.  Some common alternatives are, garbanzo flour, coconut flour, almond flour, rice flour, sorghum, and oat flour.  (Oat flour is somewhat controversial due to where it is processed.  Oat is gluten free but use caution when purchasing oats from companies that also process other grains that contain gluten.)

I, personally, like to use oat flour.  I grind my own in my Vitamix.  (You could use a blender or food processor to grind to a fine powder) I use about 1 1/2 cups of oats to make 1 cup of oat flour.  In my recipes, I substitute equal parts of oat for white or wheat flour.  I haven’t had any problems with my recipes using that exchange.  Almond flour is a heavier flour, use caution if making breads or baked goods.  Almond flour can also alter flavor a bit since it is made from nuts.  I have also used a good amount of coconut flour.  I have yet to make my own using coconut flakes.  Coconut flour adds a slightly sweet flavor to your foods.  I like to use it when baking things like banana bread.

For those that follow low carb diets, coconut flour much lower in carbs than traditional flours, rice flour, or potato flour.

Stay tuned for more gluten free tips! (Feel free to ask questions in comment section)

P.S. Here is a good link I found to help with substitutions! http://forum.lowcarber.org/archive/index.php/t-214051.html

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Bacon Puppy Treats.again

So, I made these treats for Lil Roo and Auhmi last week.  They devoured them so fast I had to double batch it this time! Made with all natural peanut butter, oat flour, egg, nitrite free bacon bits, and water…As you can see, they LOVE them! THey wouldn’t leave me alone while I was making them!  Two happy pups!



Starting to smell like Christmas! Another batch complete!

Starting to smell like Christmas!  I just finished cutting my fresh batch of peppermint soap tonight.  Honey-oat tomorrow.  There doesn’ seem to be enough hours in a day to make all the different kinds of soaps I want to do.  My goal this week is to make some lavender poppyseed, a new calendula bar, and some more lemongrass poppyseed.  I only use natural ingredients and am looking for natural things to use to color it up a bit.  Between kids, pups, experimenting with gluten free pup treats, and work, I don’t have a whole lot of time left to make soaps!  I’ll get there!

Soap day

Had a busy day today.  Between refereeing Roo an Auhmi, I managed to work on my soaps!  My “chocolate tease” bars are cut and ready for packaging!  I made a fresh batch of peppermint since I have had requests for the holidays and I made more honey oat.  Crazy busy, mostly cause of the pups.  Auhmi has been with us a little over a week so were still in the ‘getting to know each other phase’. There is never a dull moment with these two!  Quite entertaining, Auhmi has managed to teach Roo how to walk on two legs!  Yes, on her hind legs!  Auhmi walked half way across the kitchen tonight following me while I carried a container of fresh strawberries!  It’s late so I’m calling it a night.  Stay tuned ~