So you wanna go gluten free?

Some people need to have gluten free diets because of gastro problems or allergies like celiac or chron’s disease.  Others choose to be gluten free as a way of life, such as my household.

Gluten is found in most commercials breads and baked goods.  It is sometimes found in condiments, such as, soy sauce, ketchup, and horseradish.  Sometimes canned fruit may contain gluten.

There are many alternatives to using wheat (gluten) flours in your recipes.  They can be tricky to work with sometimes.  Some common alternatives are, garbanzo flour, coconut flour, almond flour, rice flour, sorghum, and oat flour.  (Oat flour is somewhat controversial due to where it is processed.  Oat is gluten free but use caution when purchasing oats from companies that also process other grains that contain gluten.)

I, personally, like to use oat flour.  I grind my own in my Vitamix.  (You could use a blender or food processor to grind to a fine powder) I use about 1 1/2 cups of oats to make 1 cup of oat flour.  In my recipes, I substitute equal parts of oat for white or wheat flour.  I haven’t had any problems with my recipes using that exchange.  Almond flour is a heavier flour, use caution if making breads or baked goods.  Almond flour can also alter flavor a bit since it is made from nuts.  I have also used a good amount of coconut flour.  I have yet to make my own using coconut flakes.  Coconut flour adds a slightly sweet flavor to your foods.  I like to use it when baking things like banana bread.

For those that follow low carb diets, coconut flour much lower in carbs than traditional flours, rice flour, or potato flour.

Stay tuned for more gluten free tips! (Feel free to ask questions in comment section)

P.S. Here is a good link I found to help with substitutions!


5 thoughts on “So you wanna go gluten free?

  1. I know cross-contamination could happen at a plant or facility that processes products that contain gluten but I was under the impression that the cross-contamination that occurs with oats and wheat happened more during their growing process since they’re often grown near each other?

    • Hi Amanda,
      Thank you for asking!
      You are absolutely right that cross contamination can happen in the fields since wheat and oat are often grown near each other. Plant processing contamination can also happen unless proper measures are taken. Contamination could even happen in our very own kitchens, like if we use the same toaster that someone just made wheat toast in before be pop in our gluten free bread! That’s why people that have gluten allergies need to be VERY cautious. (read labels, research where your oats are grown and how processed)

      • Ugh, I do know how easily cross-contamination can occur because I have Celiac disease. It’s frustrating though because I wish others truly understood it. Some people just do not understand that less than a crumb can make me sick. I only use certified gluten-free oats and even sometimes those bother me!

  2. Unfortunately many do not realize just how life threatening it can be! My nice is highly allergic to shrimp and we had an interesting outing for lunch one day…when the waiter came to tell us the cheese sticks were fried in the same oil as the shrimp she just about choked on the bite she had in her mouth! All went well thank goodness!

    It is VERY scary. Eating out is a huge challenge since waiters, waitresses, and even cooks are sometimes not aware of educated in this area. I wish that food service workers were REQUIRED to have some formal education.

    • I wish they were too! I have severe food allergies to other foods, and really restaurants and waitstaff in general don’t seem to get it.

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