What the he77 is “raw” anyway?

Have you ever tried eating raw?

A few years ago I was about 90%  and loved it!  I actually lost about 50 pounds and my complexion!  How cool is that?!*~

What is raw?  Raw is basically eating unprocessed, uncooked or “live” food.  Food can be dehydrated at 105 degrees or less.  A higher temperature than that would kill the enzymes and the food would no longer be considered “live.  One does not need to go 100% raw to benefit form a raw diet.

So, what do we eat? RAW veggies, fruit, sprouted grains, nuts, and seeds…we can keep it simple of get creative with different foods.  I, personally, chose to go about 90% so that I can still have some of the things I have trouble staying away from and it kept me from falling off the train for a while.  My downfall is eating with others and having to cook for others that eat differently.  I cook, then I smell, and eventually I fall into the trap ~ and I taste it!  That’s where I fall…Yup, I fell!

So, Choo~Choo, I’m chugging my way back…every day I’m going to TRY to incorporate more raw into it.  I felt so good, so alive, eating live, clean food!  My body would crave raw!

I will start posting some of my trials and errors.  I’m making this public to hold myself accountable!  If you see me slipping feel free to give me a swift kick! And please do share your fave’s!

So, the photo I’m about to add to this post is yesterday’s breakfast.

Banana, blueberries, cherries, and yup, romaine!

Today’s breakfast, that I did not take a photo of was apple, mango, and cherries.  I had salad with dinner tonight as well.

(Yesterday’s breakfast! Didn’t want to have to edit the photo)