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Breakfast for two

I’ve put several miles on the ‘ol Vitamix lately!  Grateful to own one and my body has been thankful I’m putting it to good use!

I’ve been on this spinach craze lately.  I joined a 30 day green smoothie challenge and have my own “raw” group that I share info with almost daily .  Since I had already been increasing raw food in my diet, I decided to go along with the green!  I’ve made some very tasty smoothies and one lately that wasn’t so tasty. I won’t bother to share that one, yeah, it was THAT bad!

This was what we had for breakfast a couple of days ago!

Breakfast for two

Breakfast for two

Well, not quite like that, of course.  Tossed it in the Vitamix first!



Got my spinach ‘fix’ and a healthy breakfast!

If your interested in joining a raw food group, totally free, very informational, all levels welcome!

Click here!  ♥ Raw for the Health of it ♥

Green Pina-Colada Smoothie

My NEW favorite smoothie!

If you love pineapple and coconut, this is the smoothie for you!

Green Pina-Colada

Green Pina-Colada

Green Pina-Colada


Large handful of fresh spinach

1/2 Fresh Pineapple

4 T Shredded Coconut (Fresh or dried unsweetened)

Coconut Water (Enough to almost reach top of fruit)

Blend and savor the flavor!

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